Kristina Õllek



publication (210mm × 295mm), with 28 pp. + text on a A4 transparent film

Graphic design by Kert Viiart


WHEN YOU HAVE THE OBJECT ITSELF IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES is a series of three exhibition projects: in a physicalvirtual (at ), in a physical (at Piet Zwart Institute project space ) and in a two dimensional space (publication).

By questioning the context of the original and the copy, the relationship between them, I am specifically interested in the phenomenon of art documentation and its representation, regarding how has its position changed in contemporary art today, in the moment when most of the artworks are perceived online – in the form of photographic documentation. 

The trilogy uses the exhibition format to move between three different modes of structure and representation of an exhibition, within the materiality and the “aura” of the artworks transform. These three parts come together in a tria(dia)logue, where I emphasise the perception of the space, the various ways of circulation of the artwork and its potential to become a new version of the work, acquiring recontextualized meaning and position towards the viewer.



In March 2016 I opened two solo shows at the same time (30.03.2016), physicalvirtual exhibition at Konstanet ( and a onenight exhibition in Rotterdam, at Piet Zwart Institute’s project space. The third part is introduced at TASE ’16 (Estonian Academy of Arts Graduation Show 2016) , in which the whole process between these parts has become a visual essaypublication, a new exhibition on paper. In addition to the publication, I also presented the exhibition made at Konstanet and at the Piet Zwart Institute, which together with a thesis combined my MA graduation work.

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